Limbaugh On Halperin: The Word ‘Dick’ Is Inappropriate But Lying About GOP Is Fine?


Today on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh gave his thoughts on the indefinite suspension of MSNBC contributor Mark Halperin who said President Obama was acting like “kind of a dick” on Morning Joe yesterday. Limbaugh used his old standby argument that no one would have cared if someone called President Bush that word but then went on to wonder why it’s inappropriate to say that but not at all a problem to lie about Republicans and their policies.

He also discussed his love of “deedling” little old ladies. No, that doesn’t mean what you think it does.

“So lets take a look here. The word ‘dick,’ inappropriate. But ‘The Republicans will hurt disabled kids’ is totally permissible. ‘The Republicans will hurt college kids,’ the Republicans will take food out of old people’s mouths,’ totally appropriate. ‘Republicans want to take Social Security checks away from old people,’ totally appropriate. ‘Paul Ryan will push your grandmother to her death over a cliff in a wheelchair,’ totally appropriate. ‘The rich are selfish, mean spirited racists,’ totally appropriate to say. ‘Conservatives are racist, sexist, bigot homophobes,’ totally appropriate to say. It is totally appropriate to make up quotes I never said and attribute them to me. It’s totally appropriate for left-wing sports writers to invent things I never said, that’s totally appropriate. The word ‘dick?’ That’s inappropriate.”

Limbaugh also gave a lesson in broadcasting, explaining why his show had a 40-second delay. Part of the reason was that he liked to have fun with it, bleeping out kindly old ladies who said nothing wrong. Of course, the conversation was a little confusing considering that Limbaugh chose to use the word “deedling” instead of “bleeping” or “censoring.” Even the host had to admit that some listeners with sick minds might be getting the wrong idea.

Watch the clip below:

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