Limbaugh: ‘The Left Is Suffering From Shell Shock’ Because White House’s Fluke Plan Is Failing

Rush: 'The Left Is Suffering From Shell Shock' Because WH's Fluke Plan Is Failing 

Not sure if you heard about this, but conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh recently called Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a “slut.” Little-known fact! Well, he’s said a bunch of other things about Fluke too, which he circled back to on his radio show this afternoon — specifically, that Fluke’s testimony is part of a larger, orchestrated plan, a plan that comes “out of the White House.”

…But it’s a plan, Limbaugh explained, that’s ultimately failing. And it’s failing because the left is now being ask to hold themselves to the same standards that they demand of the right.

Kirsten Powers, he continued, deserves a “medal of valor” for the recent column she wrote calling out the left for implementing a double-standard when it comes to accountability for sexist and misogynistic statements by members of the media.

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So do not be fooled into thinking, he continued, that there is waning enthusiasm on the right where getting Obama out of office is concerned:

There is shell shock on the left. They thought this was the time; this was going to be that moment when they finally succeeded. Right now they’re sitting out there in stunned confusion, trying to figure out why it hasn’t happened. Why am I still here?

And I don’t mean to be cryptic, but your level of understanding on this is already quite high. I’m just telling you — don’t doubt the enthusiasm that exists on our side to triumph over these people at the ballot box where and how it should be done.

This event turned out to be… it wasn’t a fluke. It was purposeful. All they ended up doing was calling attention to their own constant misogyny.

Have a listen, via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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