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Link Bait Round-Up: The Best Huffington Post Headlines Of This Week

If any of you follow the Huffington Post on Twitter, you might have noticed their tendency towards unique, attention grabbing headlines. You may have also noticed that sometimes it’s hard to find anything besides HuffPo on your Twitter feed. HuffPo is referred to as the great aggregator for a reason. They certainly have a knack for finding some fascinating human interest pieces.

But I personally feel that HuffPo is really reaching new levels in journalistic “zazz” with some of their headlines. The following slideshow is to honor the great online news source’s commitment to creating headlines that leave me consistently torn between laughter and horror. It is an art form that they deserve to be commended for.

I intended for the piece I wrote last week to be a one off, but good ol’ HuffPo just keeps knocking them out of the park. I can’t resist the urge to screen shot. So without further ado here’s this week’s dose of link bait:

[imageviewer id=87]

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