Maddow Cheers As Greta Van Susteren Cancels Bob Woodward Interview


[Updated below] Apparently merely being part of the uber-D.C. elite and having a nice dining room will not get you far with Greta Van Susteren. Greta just posted on her blog that she has canceled an upcoming Bob Woodward interview because the publisher wouldn’t send her a copy of his new book Obama’s Wars.

Writes Susteren: “On the Record at ten is not the Home Shopping Channel.” And just like that Greta wins the news day. Maybe she should make this her new tag line.

I just cancelled a Bob Woodward new book interview because the publisher won’t get me a copy to READ BEFORE I do the interview. ON THE RECORD at ten is not the Home Shopping Channel – I actually read the books before I do the interview out of respect for the viewers (to do my best job) ..out of respect to the authors..and so that the audience does not get played by the author running the content of the interview. So…the interview is cancelled. You might ask others if they read the books before they do book interviews….

Indeed! Rachel Maddow tweeted out her support of Greta’s decision.

: It’s all about the timing. From Greta:

To be clear….the publisher won’t get me the book with enough time to read it before the interview. I need it now for a Sept 30 interview since I work a full week and need weekend hours to help me get books read. I have no idea when after this weekend I can get it. I assume it goes on sale next week and could buy myself but it is time and not money which is the issue.

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