Sen. Marco Rubio Leads Poll As Vice Presidential Choice

As the Mitt Romney vs. Rick Santorum storyline continues to dominate the Republican primary season, voters are also thinking about who they’d like to see as the running mate. In a new survey of registered Republican and independent voters, Senator Marco Rubio is the top choice for the vice presidential candidate.

In the open-ended poll conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey (no names were prompted in the survey), the Florida senator received 66 mentions. Santorum, who is surging in national polls for the top spot on the ticket, came in second with 56 mentions; and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was third with 47 mentions.

Sarah Palin was fourth, followed by Newt Gingrich. Other respondents mentioned names including Colin Powell, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Peter Woolley, director of the poll, added, “Ronald Reagan was summoned from the grave by one respondent … Clearly, that person has watched too many of Republican debates.”

While prospects for any new presidential candidates are bleak, voters can still hope for a new face in the second spot on the Republican ticket.

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