Mark Levin On ‘Airhead’ Donald Trump: ‘Does This Guy Sound Stupid Or What?’


The conservative claws are coming out for potential Republican candidate for President Donald Trump. Not only has Congresswoman Michele Bachmann declared the story with President Obama’s birth certificate is “over,” but now radio host Mark Levin is tearing Trump apart on his other favorite issues. Comparing Trump’s thinking to President Herbert Hoover, Levin does not mince words for the man he sarcastically refers to as “our new conservative hero.”

What prompted Levin’s outrage was Trump failing to defend Republican Congressman Paul Ryan‘s budget. Levin played a clip of Trump on NBC vowing to always protect Medicare for senior citizens and saying “I think Paul Ryan is too far out front with this issue, I think he ought to sit back and relax.” When Trump instead suggests the budget problems could be fixed by taking on China and OPEC, Levin stops the clip and angrily yells “What the hell does that have to do with Medicare? Does this guy sound stupid or what?” Levin is outraged over Trump not having any idea about Medicare and demanded to know why “when Medicare is going to collapse Mr. Businessman” you want Paul Ryan to sit back and relax?

Levin was on fire as he provided a series of arguments to discredit nearly every perceived benefit of a Trump candidacy. Suggesting Trump’s proposal for a tariff on goods from China is as horrible of an idea as many of Trump’s other past positions, Levin said even if “all your supporters are going to give you a pass on every damn thing you’ve ever said or done” Levin will not be along for the ride. And in his final parting shot, since Trump repeatedly argues his success as a businessman would make him a great President, Levin humorously concludes, “if I follow your logic, Bill Gates ought to be President of the United States because he’s worth ten times what you are too, and yet when it comes to economics and government he’s an airhead just like you.”

Listen to the clip below from The Mark Levin Show:

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