Meghan McCain Was Convinced to Support Cruz Only After Fiorina Endorsement

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 5.15.51 PMEarlier today, former candidate for the presidency Carly Fiorina endorsed current candidate for the presidency Ted Cruz. This was particularly noteworthy because she had claimed Cruz would not be able to beat Hillary Clinton in the past. Further, other presidential hopefuls endorsed Donald Trump after dropping out, though she’s made it clear she does not.

Another person who unequivocally does not support Trump and his endorses is Meghan McCain. Naturally, she has come out as a supporter of Cruz only a few hours after Fiorina’s announcement.

On Your World with Neil Cavuto, McCain responded to the host’s question about the possible impact of Neil Bush‘s recent support of  Cruz by saying that she found it much less important than Fiorina’s.

“I was a huge, huge Carly Fiorina fan and supporer,” she said, insisting that “she has the capacity to get a lot of young, conservative women taking a second look at Ted Cruz.” Then, she revealed that Fiorina’s endorsement swayed her completely.

Communications specialist Lee Carter was less convinced, saying that Fiorina had such a small number of voters when she was in the race that their addition to Cruz’s supporters wouldn’t make much of a difference.

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