Mike Huckabee Mocked For Posting Pictures of Himself to ‘Salute’ Annapolis Shooting Victims


In light of the Annapolis, MD newsroom shooting that took the lives of five people, many have responded by donating to the victims, supporting the newspaper via subscription purchases, and advocating for measures to curb gun violence.

But not Mike Huckabee. He, instead, decided it was the perfect time to share photos of himself.

The former Arkansas governor took to Twitter today to praise the Capital Gazette for releasing a paper the day after the shooting, but — in a bizarre Huckabee-ism — he also included two of his own portraits where he can be seen leaning up against a fence, gazing into the camera, and flashing his pearly whites.

Respondents to the photo couldn’t quite figure out what the hell Huckabee meant by including his own photos — was this same kind of grossly timed dad-joke? Is he trying to approvingly smile at the shooting victims? Is this a Huckabee thirst trap?

No answers were given by the former GOP presidential candidate, but almost everyone who commented on the photo agreed that Huckabee is a “deeply weird man.”

Check it a few of the Twitter personalities who mocked Huckabee for the insanely strange social media stunt:

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