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Mike Huckabee Picks Gay Rights Battle With Progressive College Magazine

Mike Huckabee has declared war on a little-known college magazine. Having visited The College of New Jersey recently for a talk and appearance, Huckabee gave Perspective, the college’s progressive publication, an interview he is now claiming “sensationalized” and “grossly distorted” his views on gay rights.

The Fox News host, who has been outspoken in his opposition of gay marriage in the past, released a snarky statement on the HuckPAC blog on Monday hoping that “the young college student [who interviewed him] hopefully will find a career other than journalism.” He emphasized that he believed that “what people do as individuals in their private lives is their business,” and that he had actually supported GOP Chairman Michael Steele, not “ripped into” him.

The statements in question were Huckabee’s equating of gay couples to drug abusers and polygamists, claiming that supporting the former without supporting both of the latter was “disingenuous.” “Who gives you the right to say that a Polygamist is not just as right in his argument as is the person who wants same sex [marriage]?” he asked. Of gay adoption, Huckabee commented that “children are not like puppies” and their upbringing should not be experimented with.

He demanded Perspective release the unedited tapes, which they did almost immediately. They also released a statement calling the situation “unfortunate,” arguing that his claim that he supported Steele was “simply not true,” and suggesting that “Huckabee’s problem seems to lie more in the focus of the article,” which they consider “legitimate policy concerns about which to question national political figures.”

Below is the entire conversation for you to compare to the text of the article above:

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