Miss. Judge Dismisses McDaniel’s Runoff Vote Challenge

For months now, Mississippi tea party candidate Chris McDaniel has been contesting his runoff loss, claiming that ineligible Democratic votes are what boosted incumbent senator Thad Cochran to victory. Well, McDaniel’s been dealt a big blow, as a Mississippi judge today dismissed McDaniel’s challenge.

The day after the runoff, McDaniel declared he would not be conceding. Thus begun a (so far) two-month-long battle to produce examples of voter fraud. McDaniel’s camp offered a reward for such examples, they attempted to argue the RNC isn’t allowed to accept Cochran’s victory, and his lawyer produced a list of irregular votes (that just so happened to have the lawyer’s name on it).

It got to the point where even Ann Coulter was calling McDaniel a sore loser and telling him to move on. And now, a Mississippi judge has dealt a huge blow to McDaniel’s efforts.

McDaniel’s campaign, however, may very well appeal the decision and keep fighting until the case ends up in court. A spokesman said, “We’re disappointed that the facts of this case right now will not be heard in a public forum. That’s certainly what it’s all about.”

[image via Chris McDaniel]

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