Morning Joe Blasts Their Own Producers For Running Unflattering Footage of White House Counsel


The set of Morning Joe took a very rare detour beyond the fourth wall on Monday, with show anchors, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski chiding the shows producers on-air for running some unflattering footage of White House Counsel Don Mcgahn pulling up his pants outside of an elevator in Trump Tower.

The moment took place while Scarborough was indulging in an extended rant against Trump lawyers, John Dowd and Ty Cobb for publicly discussing details of the Russia investigation in a popular D.C. steakhouse minutes away from the D.C. bureau of the New York Times. 

“These lawyers, Ty Cobb, Dowd, they are — I believe, from what I’ve heard — respected Washington lawyers that should know better. Look at their client list through the years. Right? These guys didn’t just come into town and fall off a turnip truck.”

MSNBC mainstay Kasie Hunt said the real guy to watch was the official in-house lawyer, White House counsel Don McGahn and how his relationship with Cobb and Dowd —  Trump’s personal lawyers — was developing.

“The one name we have not talked about yet on this program is Don McGahn,” she said. “I’ve actually known him for years. He’s a very seasoned, very much cautious, very much behind the scenes. He’s currently inside the White House as counsel. and that’s what this clash here seems to be about. These personal lawyers are essentially asked to answer the question of whether or not the President is going to exert executive privilege.”

Hunt was unable to finish her point as Joe and Mika cut her off to chide their behind the scenes staff for running some less than flattering footage of McGahn.

“Oh come on hold on a second. Wait wait, hold on Kasie,” said JScar. “Do not show that. Ok. Don’t show him pulling up his pants as your VO. Ok? What goes around, comes around. Ok. Don’t do that to somebody. That is not cool. That is not cool at all.”

Mika echoed the same.

“You guys. We don’t want to see him pulling up his pants. God, Kasie Hunt is speaking. She is an intelligent woman with clear analysis. Don’t do that.”

The issue didn’t appear to be any feeling of sympathy for McGahn being caught in such an unflattering light but rather that Hunt would have to offer her analysis alongside the the B-roll.

On the other hand, the pair offered no similar rebuke when show regular Katy Kay was forced to talk over some equally mischievous footage of that moment British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn accidentally groped one of his supporters.

You can relive that moment here.

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