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MSNBC President Phil Griffin: CNN Is A ‘Desperate’ Network

Speaking with the Huffington Post Thursday afternoon, MSNBC president Phil Griffin fired a strong convention season shot at rival network CNN, labeling the cable outlet “desperate” for its claims to being the only “unbiased” coverage of the upcoming nominating events.

Responding to a CNN press release promising that the network would feature the only “unbiased” coverage of the conventions, Griffin said, “When you’re desperate, you start calling different things out.”

Griffin also dismissed CNN’s Washington bureau chief Sam Feist comments that CNN is “the only cable news channel that hasn’t a picked side in this election.” Feist’s “words speak for themselves,” Griffin told HuffPost.

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By contrast, Griffin explained that his network’s generally progressive personalities would be a major draw for their coverage, with the primetime broadcasts featuring Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews as hosts, with Ed Schultz, Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Hayes, and Al Sharpton.

“That’s what we’ve made our name on in the past year and that’s what we’re gonna continue to do,” Griffin said. “The opportunity for us is that people will get to see us and how we do politics.”

“I bet you that we play more speeches than anyone else,” he continued. “We’re not doing Whitney Houston for a week. We don’t follow every silly story out there. We do politics and we do it well. People trust us.”

Mediaite has reached out to CNN for comment.

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