MSNBC Segment Reveals Cursing Sheriff Has Pulled This Stunt During Press Conferences Before

imageedit_276_5499755751Earlier today, NBC’s Tamron Hall was forced to apologize when a sheriff used his platform at a live press conference to drop some racial slurs. He was not reading anything of particular relevance to the case he was there to speak on, which is the ongoing investigation into the shooting death of NFL star Joe McKnight. Instead, he was reading the crude comments politicians have been receiving online in the wake of the killing. A few hours later on MSNBC, Ari Melber revealed that this morning’s incident wasn’t Sheriff Newell Normand‘s first time using inappropriate language like that.

Addressing Katy Tur, he said, “This is not the first time the sheriff has used his official position or podium to make these kinds of statements. We were researching this here at the MSNBC legal unit. He’s previously from that podium used the N-word in what he said was a quote from Urban Dictionary. Here he used what I’ll call the C-word, a racial epithet against caucasians, in what he said was from Facebook. It raises the question why someone in law enforcement, as sheriff, feels the need to repeat things like this if they’re not germane to a case itself.”

Blake McCoy also pointed out that there has been no reaction yet from McKnight’s family or the NAACP, but one is surely forthcoming.

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