MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt: If Sessions Goes, ‘I Think You Could See Open Warfare’


On Thursday’s Morning Joe, a cast led by Mika Brzezinski, remained consumed with President Donald Trump’s growing and public split with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

As discussion turned to the potential fallout of a Sessions departure, MSNBC journo and show regular Kasie Hunt warned of dire consequences is Sessions left — I believe the term she used was “open warfare”

“The Republican agenda is already mostly stalled. If the president goes through with an actual firing of the Attorney General, I think you could actually see open warfare between the president own his party on the Hill,” said Hunt. “We’ve seen them apologize for him being concerned or afraid of the forces that put him in office and unclear on what that means for their own political future. I think they are very clear about how they feel about Jeff Sessions in this situation”

Brzezinski set the stage, reading from a blistering Wall Street Journal editorial in defense of Sessions.

Mr. Sessions had no way of knowing when he accepted the AG job that the Russia probe would become the firestorm it has, or that his belated memory of brief, public meetings with the Russian ambassador in 2016 would require his recusal from supervising the probe. He was right to step back once the facts were out, not the least to shelter the Trump Administration from any suspicion of a politicized investigation.

Sessions is indeed enormously popular in Trump land and among GOP Senators, and has indicated no plan to resign. It remains far from clear whether Trump is willing to pull the trigger and fire Sessions himself.

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