‘My Mummy Says You Hate Foreigners’: Young Girl Stuns Nigel Farage by Calling Him Out on Live Television

In a video that is quickly going viral today, a young actress on the RT UK show Sam Delaney’s News Thing steals a comedic scene with former UKIP leader and Brexit architect Nigel Farage.

In the bit, Farage is jokingly “knighted,” by a young girl who comes out onto the set carrying a balloon sword. The show’s host, news anchor, and comedian Sam Delaney, who covers UK politics for his nightly televised effort, spearheads the knighting of Farage. He jabs, “We’re also making you honorary British ambassador to America… so arise, Sir Nigel!”

Right on cue, the camera cuts to the young girl who quips, “My mummy says you hate foreigners.”

“No no little girl!” says Delaney. “No no no no, you’re not supposed to say that! That’s very naughty!” Delaney continues. Despite the obvious shock behind the moment, it’s clear (at least to me) that it was a highly-staged production; the young girl not only has her own camera angle for the control room of the show to capture the perfect moment, but she is cued up by Delaney with his proceeding line. Additionally, there must be some production audio source to capture her one-liner, like an attached lav mic or nearby boom. Seems as if Sam Delaney’s News Thing may have lured Farage into the trap, but we will update this post with information as we learn more.

Watch above, via RT UK.

[image via screengrab]

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