Nancy Pelosi: Trump Supports DREAM Act: ‘He Would Sign It’


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi took a bit of a victory lap on Thursday during a late morning press conference. Coming off a surprise deal between Donald Trump and Congressional Democrats to fund the government, Pelosi told reporters that there was better news still to come (from her perspective)

Specifically she said, Donald Trump supported the DREAM Act to protect DACA recipients and would sign it, if the legislation made it to his desk.

“The president said he supports that, he would sign it,” she said. “We have to get it passed. That’s a priority.”

That noise you hear is Ann Coulter’s head exploding.

ANYWAY — That little nugget from Pelosi is sure to send Trump’s far-right backers in Congress and out into a fury. If true, it would signal a major departure from campaign promises to do away with the program and presumably deport those currently here under its protection.

The statement from the House Minority Leader comes just hours after Trump tweeted his reassurances toward the DREAMers. News emerged moments later than the positive sentiments we offered specifically at Pelosi’s behest.

President Pelosi? — The new season looks promising.

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