Nate Silver Warns Media Against ‘Dangerous’ Assumption Trump Isn’t Really Closing in on Hillary


fivethirtyeightThe newest polling analysis from celebrity statistics whiz Nate Silver shows Donald Trump in a tight race against Hillary Clinton as the 2016 race grows ever closer.

Previous analyses from FiveThirtyEight showed the former Secretary of State with a reasonable edge over the bombastic real estate mogul, even as recent troubles started taking their toll on Clinton’s numbers. With recent shake-ups in the electoral map, current projections give Clinton a 57 percent probability of victory, while Trump’s chances are pegged at 43 percent.

These results represent a 10 point swing from earlier this month, where data suggested that Clinton had maintained a larger gap between herself and Trump. Moreover, the electoral map shows the electoral vote narrowing, as Clinton takes approximately 281 of the count, while Trump gets 257.

Silver talked about the recent results on Twitter Wednesday, where he stated that certain media figures are in “so much denial” about Trump’s probability of victory

[Image via FiveThirtyEight]

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