NC Police Chief Retires After Calling #BlackLivesMatter a ‘Terrorist’ Group

PicMonkey Collage- HalsteadNorth Carolinian Police Chief Mike Halstead is tired of the Black Lives Matter movement, having gone on Facebook rant where he described it as an “American born terrorist group” that calls for the murder of public servants. Halstead has been under scrutiny from the Surf City town leaders, and two weeks after posting the message, he announced his immediate retirement yesterday.

Town Councilman Larry Bergman stated that the town’s police department has rules about conduct on social media, and that Halstead agreed to his proposed severance package before a motion could be filed for his termination.

“As public employees we are often held to higher level of scrutiny,” Bergman said. “Even if it is a personal social media account and despite not associating himself directly to the Town in his posting, some will draw the connection.”

Halstead’s post has been removed, but WNCN reported that the post blames the Michael Brown incident, as well as President Obama and Al Sharpton amongst others for perpetuating a race problem in America. Halstead later stated that he never meant to offend anyone, but that he feels like he’s been “thrown under the bus” by the council.

“I was forced to retire or be terminated. I had to beg for a 60 day severance to feed my family,” Halstead wrote. “That was the thanks I got from those I thought were family, I was thrown under the bus for expressing my 1st amendment rights and speaking the truth and concerns for law enforcement.”

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