New Comedy Web Series Gets To The F**king Essence Of Chris F**king Christie

Fans of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie because the guy isn’t afraid to speak (or yell) his mind. That being said (or yelled), all of that speaking (and yelling) could wind up becoming a issue (or BIG F**KING PROBLEM) in a presidential election. That’s what the Mitt Romney campaign would want to talk about if they wanted to select the Governor as their VP pick. The new web series Vetting Mitt’s Veeps gives a hilarious depiction of what those discussions might look like.

The series, from John Frusciante and UCB Comedy, shows Romney aide Beth Meyers (played by Beth Appel) as she interviews the various Vice President candidate candidates. The first one features the aforementioned Christie as played by the foul mouthed Jonathan Marballi.

As someone from New Jersey, I’d like to second the opinion of the first YouTube commenter:

“Holy fuck….I never laughed so? fuckin hard in my life.

That really says it all.

Disclosure: Like a lot of the comedy videos that have been coming across the Mediaite desk recently, I must admit that I know some of the people involved in this one. What can I say, I know a lot of funny people.

Watch the video from UCB Comedy below:

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