Newark Mayor Cory Booker Delivers Diapers To Snowed-In Resident

A few months ago, Mayor Cory Booker jokingly sent Snooki a Tweet threatening to give her a ticket for texting while driving after she Tweeted about being stuck in Newark traffic. That was funny. This, though, is awesome. After a resident let him know via Twitter that his sister’s street was still snowed under and she couldn’t leave to get diapers, he responded that he’d deliver them personally. Within a half an hour, he’d actually done it!

A lot has been said about how Twitter enables a direct communication between public figures and their fans/supporters/constituents, but this is one of the best examples of a politician using the immediacy of the service to genuinely help out someone while getting a terrific anecdote as well. While we’re sure his intentions were entirely about helping a Newark citizen in need, there’s no question he got an awesome impromptu photo-opp out of it, even if that photo was taken by a fuzzy cell phone camera (see below).

As Anthony De Rosa asked when posting a screen grab of Booker’s tweet on Soup, “Great mayor or the greatest mayor?”

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