Nicolle Wallace Destroys Trump Surrogate for Shilling on Russia: ‘I Hope They’re Paying You a Lot’


Since leaving his position as spokesman for Vice President Mike Pence, Marc Lotter has been a regular on MSNBC as a surrogate for President Donald Trump‘s administration. Some of the network’s anchors have been cordial with Lotter. But Nicolle Wallace, for one, has absolutely had enough with what she sees as mindless shilling from Lotter.

On Thursday’s Deadline: White House, Wallace absolutely tore into Lotter after he refused to say whether he trusts special counsel Robert Mueller to conduct the Russia probe.

“You don’t know if you can trust Bob Mueller?!” Wallace asked, incredulously. She added, “Why can’t you say you trust a former FBI director who worked for Republicans and Democrats who kept this country safe after the worst terror attacks on our soil? You can’t say you trust Bob Mueller?!”

Lotter again demurred. Wallace was peeved — and fired a devastating shot at the Trump surrogate.

“I hope they’re paying you a lot of money,” she said.

The two mixed it up again later in the segment after Lotter falsely claimed that Wallace has ignored the story that Hillary Clinton‘s campaign helped finance the infamous Trump dossier exploring his Russian ties.

“So you talk about these issues here which you say amount to collusion,” Lotter said. “But the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee go out and pay for this and peddle it and that’s just opposition research.”

“You don’t know that we haven’t covered that story,” Wallace said.

“It’s considered opposition research and brushed away,” Lotter countered.

Wallace — calling it like she’d seen it, just as she had for the entire segment — finished off Lotter with this brutal put-down.

“I’ll send an e-mail to friends at Fox [News], and you can peddle your propaganda there.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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