Nixon’s ‘Saturday Night Massacre’ and #TuesdayNightMassacre Blow Up on Twitter After Comey Firing


James Comey (screen grab)

Everywhere from Brian Williams‘ breaking news coverage on MSNBC to Twitter, you’ll notice that people are calling President Donald Trump‘s firing of FBI director James Comey a “Tuesday Night Massacre.”

Okay, why? What significance do those words have?

It’s a reference to the Saturday Night Massacre, which happened on October 20, 1973 when President Richard Nixon fired Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox. Like Comey was helming the investigation into Trump’s possible Russian ties, Cox was investigating the break-in at Watergate.

On MSNBC moments ago, Chris Matthews pointed out that at least Nixon did this on a weekend. Trump, who did it on a Tuesday, is facing down immediate fury from Democrats on the Hill.

Regardless of the day, you can now see why and how the “Night Massacre” tag is being tacked onto this event. Even Nixon’s library, though, wants to let the record show that… well, you can look yourself:

Anyway, whether it was an FBI director or a special prosecutor, Nixon and Trump now have a suspicious-looking firing in common and political observers are intent on making that connection very clear:

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