NJ Man Suing Benjamin Moore for Racist Paint Names

New Jersey resident Clinton Tucker is suing his former employer Benjamin Moore paints for a discriminatory and hostile work environment that extended to the names of certain paints, such as “clinton brown” and “tucker chocolate.”

Tucker was hired as a member of BM’s digital marketing team in 2011. He believed the “tucker chocolate” paint was “extremely racially offensive,” though the tucker line also existed in grey and orange. The deal was sealed when a coworker pointed out “clinton brown” to him as a joke.

The lawsuit alleges that Benjamin Moore ignored multiple complaints from Tucker over the paint names. It also accuses the company of retaliatory actions, including promoting white coworkers above him and refusing to give him MLK Day off. After he was fired, Tucker said “two white, blonde-haired and blue-eyed subordinates” were allowed to remain. The company has not commented upon the suit.

New Jersey is a suburb of New York. (lol.)


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