NRA TV Responds to Last Week Tonight Segment: ‘Get the Shirt That Made John Oliver Cry’


NRA TV is not going to take John Oliver‘s treatment of it lying down.

Oh, no. They took to Twitter to give them a piece of their minds after Oliver called them “the dumbest, most transparent thing [the NRA] does” and simply “a vessel to sell America guns.”

Incidentally, Oliver used this same video to illustrate the idiocy of the network.

“If NRA members are annoyed with what I’m saying right now they should do the exact same thing and smash their expensive televisions with large sledgehammers,” he said. Additionally, at the end of the segment, Oliver parodied the segment wearing a shirt that said, “Antagonistic T-Shirt.”

As if to provide the best bait imaginable, NRA TV also tweeted that the “Socialist Tears” shirt featured in that ad is for sale:

First of all, the shirt didn’t make John Oliver cry. Second of all, if there isn’t a competing sale of “Antagonistic T-Shirt”s within the next two days a la “Make Donald Drumpf Again,” then Oliver’s sleeping on the job.

You can watch Grant Stinchfield and Dan Bongino reacting to Oliver in a segment above, via NRA TV.

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