NY Daily News Cover Rips Cruz, Boehner For Memorial Closures: ‘What Did YOU Do for Our Country?’

The New York Daily News is not letting up on House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).

Just one day after it went with “House of Turds,” with the speaker filling in for Kevin Spacey’s more efficacious majority whip, the New York paper excoriated Boehner and the ideological driver of the defund movement in the Senate, Ted Cruz (R-TX), for shuttering war memorials over a dispute on ObamaCare:

“We hope you’re proud of yourselves, John Boehner and Ted Cruz,” read the cover’s commentary. “Thanks to the government shutdown you helped instigate, the men who risked their lives at places like Iwo Jima had to force their way into D.C.’s World War II memorial on Tuesday—because it was closed!”

The Daily News has a history of needling GOP leaders over shutdowns, going back to their now-famous Newt “Cry Baby” Gingrich cover:

[Image via screengrab]

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