NYT’s Haberman Calls Trump’s Bluff on Threatening Press Credentials: He ‘Would Be Saddest’ If Cameras Were Gone


In a podcast interview with Slate‘s Isaac Chotiner, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman offered some interesting insight on how Donald Trump views the presidency, and how she and other reporters tackle the unique challenges of covering him.

The chat was a wide-ranging conversation in which Haberman talked about everything from whether Trump enjoys being president to whether Trump has personally evolved in office (Haberman is doubtful on both fronts). After talking about what the Robert Mueller and Michael Cohen investigations could mean for Trump in the long run, Haberman was asked about the presidents’ threat to yank White House press credentials from media outlets whose coverage he doesn’t approve of.

Haberman actually doubts that’ll actually happen since Trump craves media coverage too much and it wouldn’t change anything, even if did he follow through on his threat:

I don’t think he’s going to take away credentials. Also, it’s just so stupid. It’s like, first of all, if cameras weren’t allowed into the White House, the person who would be saddest is Donald Trump, No. 1, because there is nothing he loves more than media attention. No. 2, we don’t need credentials to cover him. This is the thing he doesn’t get. When he was a real estate developer, he was great at manipulating gossip-page coverage of himself or even sometimes business-page coverage of himself, but this is government coverage. People don’t need his permission to cover him. That’s not how this works. That’s just a fundamental silliness, and this is not a campaign rally where you’re not letting people in. Even that was so stupid. They kept taking away people’s credentials to go to the campaign rallies. Every campaign rally was livestreamed. In 2018, that’s less of a threat than it would’ve been 10 years ago or 14 years ago.

Haberman also had some interesting thoughts about the Sarah Sanders-Michelle Wolf controversy, as well as the reasons why Twitter is as much a journalistic tool as a “toxic swamp.” You can check out the full interview herer.

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