Obama Cuts 5-Hour-Line for Barbecue in Texas, Infuriates World


After his speech in Austin, TX yesterday, President Barack Obama decided to hop on over to Franklin BBQ, a barbecue pit widely regarded by many as the best in Texas (and perhaps America). But the thing with Franklin BBQ is that their wait is long — as in, sometimes it takes five hours to get into the restaurant — and Obama got to skip it, because he’s the president and he can do that. (“I feel real bad, but – I’m gonna cut,” he told patrons.) According to owner Aaron Franklin, Obama was probably the first person to ever cut the line.

But the line is sacred: no one ever ever cuts, ever, and Eater Austin points out that even food demigod Anthony Bourdain waited three hours to get in when he taped his show there.

Soooo, yeah, people are foodie-outraged:

At least he did this:

Pool reports indicated that Obama said he was “exercising his executive power,” which should give the Republicans one more thing to grumble about. (Insert barbecue overreach joke here.)

[h/t Eater Austin]
[Image via Turn Texas Blue/Twitter]

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