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Obama Speaks At George Mason University: “The Time For Health Reform Is Now”

Yesterday President Barack Obama was met with thunderous applause at George Mason University, where he delivered a rousing speech about this weekend’s “historic event” in health care. We honestly haven’t seen Obama in such top form since he was campaigning, and it was nothing short of inspiring. You forget sometimes that our current POTUS is an amazing orator, and despite the current back and forth in the House and Senate over this reform bill, just listening to Obama joke about being “the comeback kid” can transform you back to those heady days of 2008, when change really did seem like something we could believe in. Watch the full video and an excerpt of the transcript below.

Excerpt from Obama’s speech:

‘Now, it would be nice if we were just kind of examining the substance, we were walking through the details of the plan, what it means for you. But that’s not what the cable stations like to talk about. (Laughter.) What they like to talk about is the politics of the vote. What does this mean in November? What does it mean to the poll numbers? Is this more of an advantage for Democrats or Republicans? What’s it going to mean for Obama? Will his presidency be crippled, or will he be the comeback kid? (Applause.) That’s what they like to talk about. That’s what they like to talk about. I understand. One of the things you realize is basically that a lot of reporting in Washington, it’s just like SportsCenter. It’s considered a sport, and who’s up and who’s down, and everybody’s keeping score. And you got the teams going at it. It’s Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots.

Nice one with the Rock ‘Em Sock’ reference, Mr. President. If there is one things college kids love, it’s analogies to 80s nostalgia.

(h/t Politico)

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