Obama Overtakes Reagan As Most Televised President In History

On Monday, The Washington Free Beacon reported that President Barack Obama has overtaken President Ronald Reagan as the most televised president in history.

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WFB reports the combined appearances of both Barack and Michelle Obama who have amassed more screen time than Ronald and Nancy Reagan – both of whom were film and television actors prior to political figures.

Barack and Michelle Obama have made a combined 195 television and movie appearances since entering the national spotlight in 2004, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB). That is 20 more appearances than the Reagans’ 175 self-credited media appearances over an 85-year span.

Ronald and Nancy Reagan were both Hollywood stars, amassing 99 movie and television roles from 1937 to 1996. Reagan continued to frequent the late night circuit during his political career, sitting down with Johnny Carson and roasting A-listers with Dean Martin.

President Obama is scheduled to appear on NBC’s Late Show with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, two months after the First Lady made an appearance on the late night comedy program.

Another widely televised presidential couple, the Clintons, rank a distant third in media appearances:

The Clintons logged only 59 credits from 1988 to the end of Bill’s first term in 1996.

However, the Clintons together have logged 338 media appearances over their decades-long careers in public service and it will take the Obamas some time to break that record.

h/t Washington Free Beacon

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