Obama Reacts to Alton Sterling, Philando Castile Shootings: ‘Not Isolated Incidents’

barack obamaPresident Obama today posted a statement reacting to the two police shootings this week of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

Sterling was fatally shot in Baton Rouge this week, and Castile was fatally shot last night in Minnesota after a traffic stop. Castile’s girlfriend actually live-streamed horrifying footage of him bleeding to death.

The president posted a statement this afternoon saying these are “not isolated incidents” and reaffirmed his commitment to “institut[ing] the best practices that reduce the appearance or reality of racial bias in law enforcement.”

(We should note here that just last year White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest characterized similar shootings as isolated incidents.)

“All Americans,” he wrote, “should recognize the anger, frustration, and grief that so many Americans are feeling — feelings that are being expressed in peaceful protests and vigils. Michelle and I share those feelings. Rather than fall into a predictable pattern of division and political posturing, let’s reflect on what we can do better.”

You can read his full statement here:

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