Omarosa Reportedly in the Dog House After ‘Loudly’ Holding Wedding Photo Shoot at White House

Omarosa Manigault caught fellow White House officials off guard earlier this year when she held a massive photo shoot around the president’s mansion, apparently without formal permission, according to Politico.

Josh Dawsey reports that back in April, the former Apprentice star-turned-communications director for the Office of Public Liaison invited 39 members of her bridal party to join her for a photo tour through the White House. Senior aides and security officials were reportedly surprised when they encountered the entourage as they “loudly” made their way from the Rose Garden to the West Wing.

Multiple staffers said they were taken aback by the commotion, and Manigault was forbidden from posting her pictures online because of “security and ethical concerns.” In the months since then, separate reports indicate that Manigault was banned from West Wing meetings in which her presence was not explicitly requested.

In recent months, Chief of Staff John Kelly has asked the Office of the Public Liaison to tighten up their operations, possibly due to Manigault’s controversial antics. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders noted the office’s troubled last few months, saying “It’s pretty safe to say the early months were not as smooth as they could have been.”

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