Once Again, the Dems and GOP Fight on Twitter over Memes


Aren’t memes just the best? And isn’t it so cool when political parties use memes to try and show how cool they are? Totes. And today it was the GOP’s turn to trot out one of those newfangled memes to show they get it.

Though, quite frankly, doge would not have been my first choice.

Oh, it hurts the soul.

But because every political action has an equally ridiculous reaction, the Democrats wasted no time firing back:

Now, let’s ignore the ridiculously cheap shot in that tweet, and establish two things: 1) “Doge” is actually one of the newest memes out there, regrettably, so it’s not that old and therefore that comment makes no damn sense; 2) From what moral high point are the Democrats speaking when it comes to lame internet memes? Ah, how quickly we forget…

We are now officially two degrees away from attack ads using the music from “Badger Badger Badger” and the Hamsterdance.

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