O’Reilly Defends Donald Trump While Accusing Maxine Waters of ‘Demagoguery’

On The O’Reilly Factor this evening, Bill O’Reilly addressed his controversial comments about Representative Maxine Waters‘s hair.

Made just this morning, a remark about her “James Brown wig” led to calls for Fox News to fire the longtime host. As a result O’Reilly issued an apology.

On the Factor, he followed up on his apology with a segment about “a liberal congresswoman [attacking] President [Donald] Trump.” He played a speech in which Waters disparaged the President, and said she shouldn’t be marginalized for speaking her mind.

“I made that mistake [of marginalizing someone speaking their mind] this morning on Fox & Friends. I said in simple jest that the congresswoman’s hair distracted me,” O’Reilly said. Again, as in his previous apology, he called his comments “stupid,” but did go on to say it “is necessary to analyze what’s being said” by Waters.

Overall, the point of O’Reilly’s segment tonight was not to apologize again or even focus on the reason he was trending on Twitter all day. Instead of spending much time on what he said about Waters, he defended Trump against her determination to see him ousted as president because of his alleged Russian ties and more.

O’Reilly said it would be good for the congresswoman to come on the Factor and defend her position, but then added that she wouldn’t because she didn’t want to be challenged.

“That’s not patriotism, Madam,” he scolded. “It’s demagoguery.”

It was not immediately clear if O’Reilly had invited her on the show or not. (She did appear on MSNBC with Chris Hayes tonight, which is in the same time slot on MSNBC.)

Watch above.

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