Patton Oswalt Posts Powerful Note 102 Days After The Death of His Wife: ‘Thanks, Grief’

patton-oswaltComedian Patton Oswalt posted an emotional note on Facebook today remembering his beloved wife, Michelle McNamara who passed away in April. In it, he describes his experience with grief and how it has changed him. “Thanks, grief,” the piece begins. “Thanks for making depression look like the buzzing little bully it always was.” He describes the experience as being excruciating and exhausting, and one that doesn’t make you “wiser” or better in any way.

He also mentioned seeing “new levels of humanity and grace and intelligence by [his] family and friends.” He mentioned his daughter, who he says has “the best parts of her” (Michelle). And, he said that after being “face-down and frozen for weeks,” he is now at the point of crawling. He’s finishing her book, and at some point he’ll be writing and acting and performing again.

Read the entire thing below:

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