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Peggy Noonan: Catholic Church Should Thank The Press For Exposing Truth

The reaction from Catholics to the newest scandal within its ranks has certainly covered many perspectives. Sinead O’Connor, of course infamous for previous Papal statements, has appeared on MSNBC and posted an Op-Ed for the New York Times to discuss the role of the church as “an abusive parent.” Bill Donahue, taking out an ad in the same paper, expressed his anger with the excessive coverage the story and seeming unbalance from the NYT’s editorial staff.

This Good Friday morning, the conversation has moved to the Wall Street Journal where Peggy Noonan offered her opinion of the scandal that, “was dug up and made famous by the press” and the fallout of accusations by both sides of unfair treatment.

Noonan doesn’t completely defend either side, but makes the balanced point that the media, in its journalistic end, has forced the Church and – by way of that, Catholics around the world – to face the issues of its current generation of leadership:

The press forced the church to admit, confront and attempt to redress what had happened. The press forced them to confess. The press forced the church to change the old regime and begin to come to terms with the abusers. The church shouldn’t be saying j’accuse but thank you.

The stance is fascinating, and it shows the role of both Catholic and Non-Catholic media members who have covered Church scandals since the 2002/Cardinal Law stories in Boston. Could this really be a motivating factor to help Catholics regain what she labeled the “heroic” history of the early 20th century? Either way, it is a perfect weekend for us members of the faith to reflect.

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