People Are Just Not Cutting Trump’s Senior Press Rep Any Slack for This Disastrous Interview


Screen-Shot-2016-05-18-at-3.52.47-PMI’m not going to transcribe the following interview for you because it’s something you kind of need to see to believe. I am going to tell you just a few pieces of background information instead and after you’ve watched it, we can reconvene down the page to discuss what you saw. So, first of all, that’s Carol Costello doing the interview. The subject on the left is Amy Holmes of The Blaze and there on the right is Healy Baumgardner, the senior press representative for Donald Trump.

Ready, get set, watch:

How many times did Baumgardner say “top line”? How many times did we hear about top leaders “throughout the world”? “Highly respected individuals”? “Feedback”? She appeared to pick one phrase and stick with it for six minutes, except, of course, when she was asking Costello if a question was for her because she didn’t catch it.

Holmes really pulled double duty here, jumping in with, “Uh, Carol, I think I can answer that question,” after Baumgardner responded to a question about Trump praising Kim Jong Un for killing his family with the same “top line” speech about repairing relationships “throughout the world” not once, but twice.

This interview was excruciating and Costello made that known with her simple, “Okay, then,” after another of Baumgardner’s Marco Rubioesque robotic replies. Other people made it known, too. They voiced their horror on Twitter.

So, someone asked if Trump’s top press rep had ever been on television before and another person said her performance was like that of an SNL skit. Tough day for Baumgardner. She hasn’t posted anything on social media since tweeting out a request that her followers watch her on CNN before the interview started, so maybe she is somewhere quietly taking all this feedback to heart.

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