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PETA Has a Problem With HBO Show That Featured Some Serious Horse-on-Horse Action

silicon valley horsesViewers of HBO’s Silicon Valley finally saw something this week that may have outdone the infamous season 1 jerk-off math joke: horse-f*cking.

In the show, main character Richard Hendricks goes to meet with his company’s new CEO Jack Barker, who is currently in the middle of watching one horse breeding with another.

Creator Mike Judge explained to THR how the scene went down, including the fact that yes, those were actual horses, not CGI, and how the one note they got from HBO was “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but can we have more screen time with the horses having sex?”

Judge said that representatives from the American Humane Society were there to watch the whole process, but PETA put out a statement today denouncing that kind of “arranged rape”:

It may seem fun, but the mares are tethered during the process, often with head ropes, with no means of escape, and the stallions are put on a lead rope and dragged to the mares to be mounted: neither the stallions or mares have any choice, it’s assembly line breeding for profit…

There’s an overpopulation crisis in racing as most horses will not win races, and many are therefore discarded and sent on hideous journeys by truck in all weather to Mexico or Canada to be turned into meat.

If you have HBO GO, you can watch this week’s episode here.

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