Syed Farook

Clinton Staffers Were Disappointed in Emails That San Bernardino Shooter Was Muslim Instead of White

FBI Will Likely Drop Apple Case, Says It Hacked Terrorist’s Phone Without Company’s Help

Bill Gates Says He Was ‘Blindsided’ to Hear He’s Taking FBI’s Side Against Apple

San Bernardino Victims Join Encryption Fight Against Apple

‘Who Do They Think They Are’: Trump Hits Apple For Resisting FBI Phone Order

Apple Refuses FBI Order to Unlock San Bernardino Killer’s Phone

FBI Director: No Evidence San Bernardino Shooters Pledged to Wage Jihad on Social Media (UPDATED)

Neighbor Who Gave San Bernardino Shooters Guns Helped Farook 2012 Plot

Reports: San Bernardino Gunman Farook Planned Attacks As Early As 2012

San Bernardino Shooter Practiced With Military-Style Weapon at Shooting Range Before Attack

Gunman’s Father Placed on FBI Watch List After San Bernardino Attacks

Trump Literally Wants to Do Unspeakable Things and America Loves It

FBI: Both San Bernardino Suspects Were Radicalized ‘For Quite Some Time’

New Photo Emerges of San Bernardino Suspects Entering United States

Police Raid Home of Former Neighbor Who Purchased Weapons for San Bernardino Shooters

San Bernardino Gunman’s Father: Son Admitted to ISIS Support, Israel Obsession

ISIS Radio Station Hails San Bernardino Shooters As ‘Martyrs’

Carson: If San Bernardino Shooters Passed Vetting, ‘End of the Argument’ on Refugees

First Photo Released of San Bernardino Suspect Tashfeen Malik

Attys. for Family of Shooting Suspects Hold Bizarre Presser, Defend Islam, Invoke Britney Spears

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