Politician Absolutely Stumped When Reporter Asks Him To Name A Single Point Of His ‘Six-Point Plan’

Move over, Rick Perry.

Apparently there’s another political candidate who has even poorer memory of his key policy points: Jaymes Diaz. It’s safe to say the Liberal Party candidate challenging an incumbent for an Australian parliamentary seat in the country’s Greenway district had a terrible day today with the press.

In a video uploaded by Diaz’s opposition, when Channel Ten News asked the politician about his plan for combating illegal migrants using boats to enter Australian territory, he refers to the his party’s “Six-Point Plan.” But when the reporter presses him for specifics, he is utterly and hilariously flummoxed.

“I can run through all the details of the points,” he says, but in his own “oops” moment, he never does despite being prodded multiple times.

Diaz’s mysterious “Six-Point Plan” is apparently only the tip of the iceberg as another question about a paid parental leave program also left him without a rebuke and prompted a handler to immediately end the interview.

His opponent, the incumbent Michelle Rowland, may have just sealed her victory in the upcoming Australian elections. Jaymes Diaz’s viral fame might be his only consolation.

Watch below, via Channel Ten:

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