Poll: GOP Voters Much More Enthusiastic to Vote in November than Democrats

According to the results of a CBS News poll released on Wednesday, Republican voters are substantially more enthusiastic about voting in the upcoming midterm elections than Democratic voters.

70 percent of self-identified Republicans described themselves as “very” or “somewhat” enthusiastic about voting in November compared to 58 percent of Democrats who said the same. 42 percent of Democratic respondents confessed they were “not too” or “not at all” enthusiastic about the midterms compared to just 29 percent of Republicans.

81 percent of Republican respondents said they were “definitely” going to vote while another 12 percent said they would “probably” vote in November. 68 percent of Democrats said they were definite voters and another 25 percent said they would probably head to the polls..

More Republicans than Democrats say they see the midterms as an opportunity to send a message about how they feel about President Barack Obama’s leadership. 52 percent of GOP voters said November was an opportunity to vote “for or against” Obama while 43 percent of Democrats said the same.

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“In September of 2010, by contrast, things were more even, with 23% of voters looking to cast a ballot for President Obama and 25% against him,” the poll’s release read.

While the enthusiasm gap heavily favors Republicans, the generic congressional ballot remains split at 39 percent support for both a Democratic and Republican-controlled congress. 34 percent Independent voters, however, said they plan to vote for the generic Republican candidate while another 25 percent said they are going to vote for the Democratic candidate.

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