Professor at Evergreen State College Chased Off Campus by Students Protesting His ‘Racism’


Professor Bret Weinstein of Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington had to hold his classes in a park off campus on Thursday after student protesters demanded his firing. Weinstein had voiced his objection to a race-based “Day of Absence” that would have asked whites to leave the school for a day.

KING5-TV in Seattle reported on the controversy in a Thursday article. Police at the college advised Weinstein, a biology professor, that it “might be best to stay off campus for a day or so,” after the student activists confronted him on Tuesday (see video above).

According to the local TV station’s report, “nearly 20 of his students attended his Thursday class in the park. They said they do not consider him a racist.”

The academician had written an all-staff e-mail weeks ago criticizing a student-led proposal that would change the “Day of Absence” from an initiative where “black and Latino students leave campus to highlight their significance on campus,” as HotAir described it on Friday, to creating a day-long, campus-wide “safe space” where white individuals would be absent.

Weinstein is certainly no conservative ideologue. He has contributed to the Common Dreams, a progressive website. In December 2011, he wrote an article in favor of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The professor’s brother, Eric Weinstein, also defended his sibling’s left-of-center credential in a series of Twitter posts, and attacked the protesters that are calling for his firing.

Other prominent Twitter users also came to Weinstein’s defense and ripped the student protesters.

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