Sally Quinn Glad Washington Post Column is Over After Wedding Drama


Those hoping Sally Quinn would get one last chance to air her family drama on the prized cover of the Washington Post‘s Friday Style section were likely disappointed to find there was no Quinn, only another story about the president handing out awards and earnest Washingtonians creating a “coffee party” to challenge the tea party.

But Quinn did chat with Michael Calderone at Politico where she told him she was finding the whole print column, called “The Party,” boring because it had strayed from its faith roots and “generosity of spirit” into actual entertaining, but that she had “absolutely no regrets at all” about using her column to respond to gossip about her family.

She told Calderone that WaPo executive editor Marcus Brauchli told her that he wouldn’t have approved the column if he had seen it and she confirmed that he had sent her back to the “On Faith” section she edits with Newseek’s Jon Meacham.

Quinn said that the dueling wedding drama has been resolved with her son’s wedding moved back to its original October date so that her husband’s granddaughter’s wedding can go on as planned in California (although Quinn and Ben Bradlee has already bowed out because of tension between with the bride’s parents, Ben Bradlee Jr. and ABC’s Martha Raddatz).

In an oddly candid–and naive–moment, Quinn thought that writing a column about the mix-up would take the heat off of her son Quinn and his fiancee, who had just announced she was pregnant.  While the column succeeded in moving the glare off her son and onto mom, it’s hard to believe that a savvy hostess and Washington public figure would think that controversy wouldn’t arise.

She also refused to discuss the ongoing tension with Bradlee Jr. and Raddatz–who contacted WaPo publisher Katharine Weymouth after last week’s column–saying only, “[w]hat I will not do is talk about the family.”

Seems a little late for that.

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