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Maddow Excoriates GOP: They Simply Want To Keep Anti-Gay DADT Policy In Place

Rachel Maddow was on fire last night in the wake of the GOP’s refusal to pass the Defense Bill which included a amendment to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. If, as Vice President Joe Biden told Maddow last week, the White House is only continuing to implement DADT as some sort of agreement in order to reach a consensus for yesterday’s vote, then it failed. Maddow wants to know whether the White House will continue to keep up their end of a failed deal. But she saved her harshest criticism for the GOP who stopped a Defense bill from passing for the first time in 48 years.

Maddow tore apart the idea that this was about the purity of the Defense bill, since in the past Defense bills had everything including a banning internet gambling amendment attached to it. Also not true: the GOP wouldn’t be allowed to amend the bill, says Maddow: “that’s what’s known as malarchy.” Maddow also notes that all this amendment does is allow Congress to repeal DADT if the military study so indicates it should, doing away John McCain‘s argument that the Dems were trying to push something through without consulting the military.

Says Maddow: “They did it because they want to keep this anti-gay policy in place. This is about the gays. They try to dress it up as being about all these other thing, about these process things, it’s not about any of these other things. It’s about the gays.” Watch below.


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