Read the Tweets of a Creationist Who Doesn’t Like Being Challenged About the Ark He Built


Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 4.57.36 PMKen Ham is a leading creationist who has built a life-sized ark that will soon be open to the public. We have covered him a few times before. He doesn’t believe in funding NASA since aliens will go to hell anyway. Even Pat Robertson cannot abide by everything Ham believes. Oh, and this is the guy who debated Bill Nye that one time.

He speaks out whenever someone in the public eye says they don’t agree with him, but yesterday he outdid himself when he used Twitter to try to stick it to people who don’t like his ark.

People tried to engage him, so he kept the tweets coming.


As you can see, secularists have been very busy. Secularists are the reason for all suffering.

The Ark opens to the public on July 7. Will you be heading to Kentucky for it?

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