Rep. Matt Gaetz Suggests to Eric Bolling That GOP Lawmakers Oppose Trump Out of ‘Pure Jealousy’


For CRTV’s America with Eric Bolling, host and former Fox Newser Eric Bolling interviewed millennial Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) this week, and the two discussed the motivations of some GOP members of congress in dealing with President Donald Trump.

Early in the interview, Gaetz said that people in Washington don’t like Trump because they don’t like change.

Gaetz said that both parties are just “valets” for special interests, and that Trump is different because he’s “inject into this process the notion that we’ve got to disrupt the status quo.”

Gaetz then rehashed some old campaign rhetoric, saying people “like that Trump’s not a politician” and that he’s “rough around the edges” but that “some of our greatest presidents have been disruptors, have been change-agents,” he recited.

Host Bolling then expressed his own frustration with Republicans who don’t support Trump.

“It really kind or irks me, as a pro-Trump republican, to see so much pushback by the anti-Trumpers. I mean even in the Senate,” he said. “There are long-time senators, some of them who are stepping down – I think of Flake, I think of McCain – but there are also current senators, Lindsey Graham, who aren’t on the Trump agenda and that just drives me crazy.”

The congressman took that prompt to ask a question of Eric Bolling.

“Do you think part of it is just pure jealousy?” he asked. “I mean I think every senator wakes up in the morning, looks in the mirror, and says ‘good morning, Mr. President,’ or ‘good morning, Madame President’. And the fact that Trump was able to just take politics by storm, really.”

We can assume the millennial Gaetz meant to say “envious”, and the implication is that people like John McCain and Lindsey Graham envy Trump’s popularity and success and that they oppose things he says or does on that basis rather than on a political or moral principle, or a material policy difference, or any of the other rational explanations, or even his own earlier theory that it was because they don’t like change.

Gaetz repeated the question. “I mean, do you think it’s jealousy or sincere dislike?”

“Could be,” said Bolling, changing the subject to an upcoming appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Gaetz had something to say about that, too.

“On Monday, this coming Monday, I’m going to be on Morning Joe. Joe Scarborough. Now I understand you’re representing his home town,” said Bolling.

“Back when Joe used to be a conservative he represented Florida’s first congressional district, and now he’s an MSNBC liberal talk show host,” said Gaetz. “So, I’m glad Joe’s been successful, but in northwest Florida we prefer conservative representation.”

Bolling said he’ll make sure Scarborough sees the tape. So Monday morning could be a good time.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CRTV.

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