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Trump Legal Team Reportedly Challenging Mueller to Subpoena Commander in Chief

A new report indicates that Donald Trump‘s legal team is counting on the idea that Robert Mueller will back off on obstruction of justice, rather that take try to take the president to court.

As Rudy Giuliani says Trump will not voluntarily answer any questions about obstruction, Axios reports that the president’s legal team is banking on the idea that Mueller doesn’t have the heart to go through the extensive legal battle it would take to issue a subpoena. Jonathan Swan says the White House is predicting that Mueller will “blink” and conclude his investigation while settling for an incomplete report.

“[It’s] Mueller’s moment of truth,” said a source close to Trump’s legal team. “Mueller backed off from a demand for a face-to-face, to get to a compromise of written Q-and-A on Russia. And Rudy still says no. What is Mueller to do now?”

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