REPORT: Trump ‘Visibly Enraged’ by Comparisons Between Inauguration Crowd, Women’s March


trump-cia-speecheditedAs Donald Trump‘s administration comes off of its fuss over the size of his inauguration audience, a new report is suggesting that the president was furious over the protests against him this weekend.

The Women’s March on Washington took place on Trump’s first day in office, and it coincided with other anti-Trump demonstrations and activist rallies across the country. Washington Post reports that they spoke with multiple sources inside the White House, who said that Trump “grew increasingly and visibly enraged” after watching TV coverage comparing the size of the march to his inauguration ceremony.

Separate reports have corroborated the news that several of Trump’s advisers tried to get him to focus on his presidential duties instead of fighting with the media. WaPo said that Trump was determined to put out a “fiery public response” though, which eventually resulted in Press Secretary Sean Spicer calling a conference in order to blast the media and accuse them of misrepresenting Trump’s crowd size.

Trump tweeted about the march the day after, where he complained about the protests before offering a more neutral statement:

Adviser Kellyanne Conway also addressed the march during her appearance on the Sunday news shows, saying she “didn’t see the point,” and that the marchers didn’t offer any policy solutions.

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