‘Retarded Barbie’: GOPer Backs Away From Supporter’s Wendy Davis Tweet


Not long after Red State’s Erick Erickson called Wendy Davis an “abortion Barbie,” a Texas Republican doubled down on his insult, calling her a “retarded Barbie” on Saturday, and boasting that Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott would trounce her in a campaign. Abbott, currently the Lone Star state’s attorney general, tweeted a thanks of support to the strategist, before quickly backtracking from it.

The comment drew an immediate rebuke from Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa:

“That Greg Abbott would thank a supporter for calling Senator Wendy Davis a ‘Retard Barbie’ is absolutely disgusting and disturbing. This is what Republicans think about women—that a Harvard law school graduate, State Senator, and a long time fighter for Texas families deserves such inappropriate slander. Greg Abbott endorses such disrespect. The people of Texas deserves so much better than this from their public officials. And the women of Texas deserve leaders who respect them as human beings.”

Abbott tried to disassociate himself from the comment, but stopped short of apologizing:

Rutledge, however, did not back down on his Twitter account yesterday:

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