Wendy Davis

What Wendy Davis Gets Right — and Wrong — About the Democratic Party and Abortion

100 Women Are Live Streaming Their Abortion Stories Right Now as Political ‘Speak-Out’

The Sad Moment I Grew Tired of Jon Stewart and The Daily Show

Wendy Davis Replacement Wears ‘Stand for Life’ Boots to First Day of Texas Senate

Wendy Davis Just Won an Award, But Not a Good One…

Concha: Lizz Winstead Hilariously Blames Wendy Davis’ Struggles on Texas ‘Redistricting’, Media

Abbott Slams Davis’ Wheelchair Ad by Comparing Himself to FDR with Help from Hillary

Andrea Mitchell Confronts Wendy Davis: Wheelchair Ad a ‘Personal Attack’?

Greg Abbott Fires Back at Wendy Davis Ad Highlighting His Wheelchair

Wendy Davis Defends Ad Reminding World Her GOP Opponent Is Wheelchair-Bound

Mika Brzezinski Savages Wendy Davis Wheelchair Ad: ‘I Cringed Watching That’

Republicans Condemn Wendy Davis Ad Pointing Out GOP Opponent’s Wheelchair

National Review Questions Wendy Davis’ ‘Convenient’ Abortions (UPDATED)

Wendy Davis: ‘Most Loving Thing’ We Could Have Done for Daughter Was ‘Say Goodbye’

Wendy Davis Opens Up About Terminated Pregnancies in Book

Wendy Davis Is Losing Ground with Texas Women

Wendy Davis Gains Ground in TX Guv Race, Owes Ted Nugent a Thank You Card

Dem-Controlled State Legislature Quietly Passes 20-Week Abortion Ban

Leading Texan Democratic Senate Candidate Compares Obama to Hitler

Even Conservatives Can’t Figure Out Why Their Politicians Are Hanging Out with Ted Nugent

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