Roseanne’s 2012 Presidential Run Is Getting Its Own Documentary

Let’s back up a second: Roseanne Barr ran for president in 2012. Yes, that Roseanne. She was the official presidential nominee of the Peace and Freedom Party, going up against President Obama, Mitt Romney, and lots of other third-party candidates with time on their hands. But Barr’s unsuccessful campaign will be shown soon in a behind-the-scenes documentary called Roseanne for President!

Eric Weinrib, whose past film credits include working on several Michael Moore films, documented Barr’s campaign two years ago. The purpose of the documentary, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is to “illuminate how the system works by highlighting how it doesn’t and poking fun at big-party politics along the way.”

In a statement, Barr said, “I’m thrilled that my campaign for common sense in government is finally being addressed. Audiences should now prepare for the fall of Babylon. You’re welcome, world!”

[h/t THR]
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